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What to do and how to do it?

A: Develop risk scenarios

Develop risk scenarios or sequences of events that could result from the hazards and vulnerabilities identified in Step 1.
  • Outline the sequence of events or results that could flow from each climate related hazard that could cause adverse effects.
  • Expand each risk scenario to show the types of losses or impacts that could occur.
    Losses or impacts could include:
    • injuries or deaths
    • health losses due to illness
    • property losses
    • cultural impacts
    • other economic losses
    • environmental or ecosystem losses or impairment.
A simple table, such as Table 2 below, may provide an easy way to develop and record this information.

The risk scenarios will form the basis for more detailed risk estimations and evaluations in Steps 3 and 4.

Table 2: Preliminary Hazard and Risk Scenario Assessment

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